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This will be where I share some of my most fun places to shop and find treasures for your home or barn.  Most of these shops will usually carry unique vintage one of kind pieces.   I will also share information on some of the most amazing local artists who create fabulous custom made horse art.

Additionally, I will share information about several non-profit organizations that are making a difference for many horses on our planet through rescue and providing them a sanctuary to live out their lives peacefully.

The Barn at Hoey Ranch is owned and operated by Jim and Debbie Hoey, the 5th generation to live and work on the family ranch. Inside the 125-year-old barn, you'll find everything from iceboxes to jukeboxes, from vintage furniture to farm equipment. If you're looking for something special, just ask, and they will keep an eye out for you!



Horses of Us has been created by a talented artist by the name of Marcy Criner. 

She creates art with a voice behind it. The voice of people touched by the special relationship with horses. The essence of each horse shines through the artwork and gives visual voice to the horse. Simply beautiful...