Willie Nelson - My Hero

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Willie Nelson is still going strong in his twilight years. The 87-year-old tours an incredible 200 days out of the year. So when he’s not in the spotlight, he likes to get as far away from it as possible by cruising around his Briarcliff, Texas, ranch in his old pickup. 

Willie has named his ranch "Luck".  As Willie shares with a smile  “When you’re here, you’re in Luck, and when you’re not, you’re out of Luck.” And no one’s luckier at Luck Ranch than the over 70 horses roaming freely across the property, most of which were saved from slaughterhouses.


Willie will be paying tribute to his beloved steeds in his upcoming album, “Ride Me Back Home”, which will be released this summer.

Willie plans to take about fifty people to church on his Luck Ranch to listen to ‘Ride Me Back Home’ and share a few stories. These lucky folks will join Willie in his charming and rickety sixty-seat chapel on his ranch. Willie plans to field questions on the album’s songs and share stories from daughter Paula Nelson, who frequently deejays on SiriusXM’s “Willie’s Roadhouse” channel.


The album is due in June, and Nelson will promote its release with two dozen tour dates in May and June, which culminates Independence Day weekend with the Outlaw Festival in Dallas and his annual July Fourth Picnic in Austin, both featuring high-caliber support acts like Nathaniel Rateliff, Alison Krauss, and Steve Earle. 

I hope to catch one of his concerts this year! Gotta Love Willie!


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